• Can I cancel at anytime?

    Yes. You may cancel at anytime for any reason (or no reason at all). We only ask that you give 48 hours notice before the renewal date (which will usually be the first of the month).

  • Can I give feedback and see the website before it goes live?


    We won't go live until you give the go-ahead and you are always welcome to make suggestions and changes to your site.

    But consider this... the very purpose of No Fuss Sites is to remove the initial hurdle of getting started by simply providing you with something 'pretty good' that's ready-to-go. We've found that, in this particular market / stage of your business, the more a client involves themselves with the project, the more it can be delayed due to procrastination and the idea that it needs to perfect before launch. We'd rather see you launch with an 80-90% ready site and start getting leads than to never launch and get no leads because it's just never quite right.

    We're our own worst enemies when it comes to our own projects and this often leads to a failure to launch.

  • Can I move my existing website to No Fuss Sites?

    Yes, in most cases we can do this. Depending on the features and functionality of your existing site, a suitable plan needs to be matched so that the functionality can continue in a similar manner. Often though, it’s better to have a fresh start with something new and modern.

  • Can I transfer my existing Domain Name/s to No Fuss Sites?

    Yes. This is free to do (for gTLDs and ccTLDs) and is usually a very easy process which we can guide you through or even manage it completely for you.

  • Do I need additional hosting?

    No. This is an all-in-one solution with all the major elements set up and managed for you.

  • Do I need to have started a website somewhere already?

    Not at all. The main purpose of this service is to get you started online. Whether this be from scratch, from an experimental trial site elsewhere, or a live site that just isn’t working for you. We can work with you no matter what stage you are at, but most definitely if you’re only just getting started.

    If you feel your requirements might be a bit more involved, then you may want to consider our parent company, Logo Pogo - Graphic Design and Websites, where we do more custom solutions.

  • Do I need to sign-up under a contract or minimum length of time?

    No. There are no contracts or minimum subscription period other than the month currently billed for.

  • Do I really get a free domain name?


    Providing the domain name is registered with us, or transferred to us, then we’ll pick up the bill for it. This offer covers any standard domain extension (gTLDs, ccTLDs) such as .com.au, .net.au, .org.au, .com, .net, .org, .biz, or .info. It does not however, include the newer domain extensions (nTLDs) such as .agency, .builders, .digital, .fun, just for some examples, as these are much higher priced premium domain names. However, these nTLD domain names can still be used with a No Fuss Site - they're just not offered free.

    Providing a free domain name is just another step towards simplifying the whole process for you and allows us to provide better support and management for your website going forward.

  • How can you write the text/copy for my site/company?

    With the years of experience our parent company, Logo Pogo, brings from a multitude of client types and industries, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. Plus we keep up-to-date with modern and tested strategies in marketing, lead capturing and copywriting so we can utilise this knowledge in your industry and specific business.

    That being said, every business is unique and while we may not get the words or message exactly right, chances are it’s still 90% of the way there and a great starting point that you haven’t yet been able to achieve yourself. We can both always work on improving it, but getting started is the biggest step and what holds many people back. No Fuss Sites is designed to get you started when you otherwise cannot.

  • How long will it take to get online?

    Generally we try to get you online in just a few weeks or less. This of course varies depending on our workload, your industry complexity and the plan you sign up to. But generally it's pretty fast - and much faster than if you tried to do it yourself :)

  • How many pages can my website have?

    We don't limit you on the number of pages you can have.

    During the initial design and build stage, we'll determine the ideal pages for you site and build those out for you. After this, you are free to add unlimited number of pages yourself - and this is very easy to do.

  • Is email hosting provided?

    Yes. We want to provide you with all the essential online services that you’ll need. Professional email is definitely one of those services.

    Not just any old email either, we set you up with Google’s G Suite services so not only do you get leading edge email and spam protection but the full suite of Google's cloud-based business applications to make use of.

    See our G Suite FAQ item for more info.

  • Is there a setup fee?

    Nope. None.

    We love helping small biz get started online, so we’re happy to invest the time with you to show our support in your business and our willingness to help. If we help you succeed, that in turn helps us succeed too. We’re in this for a long term business relationship.

  • What if I need a logo, business cards, or other design items too?

    Combined with our parent agency, Logo Pogo, we can provide a full graphic design service.

    If you would like to discuss options for a logo, business cards, flyers, signage or any other design needs we're more than able to help. You can contact us through Logo Pogo directly or let us know in the comments field when you sign up for your No Fuss Site.

  • What is the free G Suite account that’s included?

    We utilise Google’s cloud business applications to bring you world class email hosting and we set it all up for you. As a huge bonus, along with that comes powerful online calendars, cloud file storage/sharing, online document creation and collaboration tools and much much more. All this can realy help you streamline your business, save in traditional software costs and work from anywhere on any device.

    For more info check out G Suite for yourself.

  • What support is provided?

    We're just an email away. Shoot us an email about anything to do with online technology for your business and we’ll be able and willing to help.

    We try to respond within 24hrs but sometimes we might need a little longer if the answer to the issue requires a bit more detail.

    Currently, we only provide email as our support channel as we are not a huge corporation outsourcing support to a call centre - plus we know from experience that email is actually the best channel for website and technology support issues.

  • Where will my website be hosted?

    No Fuss Sites is a managed hosting solution, meaning we handle all the complexities of hosting and infrastructure for you so you don't have to think about it.

    The platform runs on AWS infrastructure with world-class technology and engineering support so you can be sure your site hosting is in good hands.

    The Data Centre is located in Sydney Australia for faster local performance (US and UK Data Centres also available for those outside Australia).

  • Who is Logo Pogo?

    Logo Pogo is the parent agency of No Fuss Sites. Logo Pogo is a professional graphic design and web development agency who have been in the industry since 2003. You can check us out here.

    Logo Pogo developed No Fuss Sites to service those customers who were not quite ready for the more customised services they offer and the larger budgets sometimes required. New start-ups and small businesses who are struggling to get up and running with their website and perhaps have struggled with DIY website builders or tools like Wordpress, and/or just don't have the time and resources to learn and manage their own website at that level.

    When you sign-up with No Fuss Sites you are engaging with Logo Pogo and will benefit from all of their knowledge and resources.

  • Will I be able to easily edit my own website?

    Absolutely. We’ll set you up with a full-featured Content Management System (CMS) and we’ll be here to help you use it too if required.

    No Fuss Sites makes it easy to edit just the content so there's no risk of breaking your site or worrying about correct colours, fonts and other styling to maintain brand consistency.

  • Will I own my website once it’s created?


    The visual design, font-end code and the all site content are yours.

    The platform/CMS that your site runs on however, is a proprietary system in which you license the use of. If the service is cancelled you cannot take this with you and you’ll lose access along with all functionality it provides (both front-end and back-end).

  • Will I still own the website design even if I cancel?


    The visual design, front-end code and the all site content are yours.

    The platform/CMS that your site runs on however, is a proprietary system in which you license the use of. If the service is cancelled you cannot take this with you and you’ll lose access along with all functionality it provides (both front-end and back-end).

    If cancelling the service, it's up to you to ensure you have saved/exported anything you wish to keep before access is lost.

  • Will my site be “mobile friendly” / "Responsive"?

    Absolutely. We build all sites as ‘Responsive’ by default. This means that the site layout and functionality “responds” to the screen/browser/environment in which it is being viewed. This is not just about mobile phones, but also tablets, laptops, desktops and all web enabled devices in between.

  • Will my site be optimised for Search Engines?

    The platform is Search Engine friendly and the website development is done with SEO best practices in mind. We call this “SEO Friendly” or “SEO Ready”.

    We want to be honest here and perhaps enlighten you to the word-play that most other providers will use to mislead you. No new site can be delivered as ‘Search Engine Optimised’ unless prior Search Engine Optimisation services have been carried out and applied. Such services are large projects in their own right and require much information about your business, products/services and target market and generally involve a large investment of time and/or money. Often, there is insufficient data to do this accurately for new start-ups or small businesses just getting online, so it is misleading to say that your site will be Search Engine Optimised from day one. Just be wary of this when looking at other DIY and site builder services.

    Remember, this is one of the very reasons we exist - to guide you on the RIGHT path to get online.

    There are also many varying factors that can help your site perform better in the Search Engines and we can advise you of these as needed.

  Still have questions?

Shoot us an email here and we'll get back to you ASAP.